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  • Volvo P1800S OEM Head Liner
  • Volvo P1800S OEM Head Liner
  • Volvo P1800S OEM Head Liner
  • Volvo P1800S OEM Head Liner
  • Volvo P1800S OEM Head Liner
  • Volvo P1800S OEM Head Liner


Volvo P1800S OEM Head Liner

$ 124.00


Volvo P1800S OEM Head Liner in Excellent Overall  / Used Condition. This Head Liner has Good Color ( some aging variation ) and Supple / Surface Condition. It could still use further cleaning and maybe re-dyeing but over all it is very nice or better. Minor imperfections only, no cuts or splits. The outside trim has separated from the main liner in places but that is not really a problem as this is normal and is corrected in installation. Good Solid Original Liner   Fully Guaranteed.
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